Registration for our Fall session opens August 1st. Please see SCHEDULE for our weekly schedule, CALENDAR for specific dates (start, end, holidays, etc), and REGISTER for pricing and registration info. We also offer discounts for multiple classes and siblings.  

Contact us for details! 


THEATRE GAMES I (Ages 5-7) & THEATRE GAMES II (Ages 6-8)  50 minutes  

These classes introduces the core skills of acting in a playful and engaging way. In our 50-minute weekly sessions, we learn how to warm up body and voice, and play structured games that foster listening skills, teamwork and confidence, and even work on short plays. Games touch on imagination, sense memory, character, improvisation, and stagecraft.  Theatre Games I is geared toward ages 5-7, II is for 6-8-year-olds (6-year-olds should have already taken TG I). Great for shy kids!


IMPROVISATION I (Ages 8 and up) & IMPROVISATION II  (Ages 10 and up)   55 minutes 

These are also game-based classes that build imagination, communication, and teamwork skills. These 55-minute sessions encourage kids to speak publicly and express themselves creatively with confidence. Through exercises and classic improv games, they learn to listen and collaborate with their peers, and let their imaginations soar.  Improv II also delves into sketch comedy, where the kids will utilize ideas developed in improv to write comedy scenes.


ACTING I (Ages 8 and up)   75 minutes  

In this 75-minute class, we'll cover principles of characterization, stagecraft and other basic acting skills, and will delve into monologue & scenework.  Students will pair up to work on scenes from plays as well as popular movies and TV shows.


ACTING II (Ages 10 and up) & ACTING III (Ages 12 and up) *by permission or audition  75 min. 

In these 75-minute classes, students will build upon the skills learned in Acting I and dive deeper into acting technique with an introduction to Stanislavski and Meisner.  They will explore a variety of scripts from classical to modern tv/film and explore the differences (and similarities!) between acting for the stage vs. camera.  

INTRO TO MUSICAL THEATRE (Ages 6-8) 55 minutes

This class will have students up and singing their hearts out in no time!  A great intro to musicality, we will touch on rhythm, expression and projection.  Students will sing songs together and play theatre games, all while learning the basics of musical theatre.

MUSICAL THEATRE  I & II (Ages 8 and up)  75 minutes    *includes $25 music recording fee

In these 75-minute classes, students will learn the ins and outs of vocal performance, including singing, "acting" the song, and choreography.  ​They'll choose songs to work on as solo pieces, and work on group numbers as well.  MT 2 is by permission/audition.


FILMMAKING 1 (Ages 8 and up)    75 minutes    *includes $25 materials fee

This 75-minute class introduces kids to some of the core elements and genres of filmmaking through in-class filmed exercises. Working on iPads, they’ll learn visual storytelling techniques, camera coverage, crew positions, and editing. For the last 3 weeks of class, the kids will shoot a short movie they’ve written together. Past projects include, sci fi films, ghost stories, music videos and musicals.  

ADVANCED FILMMAKING  by permission  75 minutes   

*includes $25 materials fee plus 2 location shoot days

This next-level class is for kids who are ready to take charge of developing their own projects from beginning to end. In 75-minute weekly sessions, they’ll use writing exercises to develop screenplays, learn advanced camera coverage & editing techniques, and production management skills.  Each child will shepherd his/her project through scripting, development and shooting, and cast/crew on classmates’ films. 


ANIMATION (Ages 8 and up)  75 minutes  *includes $25 materials fee

This 75-minute class explores a variety of animation and FX techniques, encouraging kids to explore their artistic and creative sides while learning the discipline of developing a story one frame at a time.  They’ll create flip books, try drawn, painted, cut-out and stop motion animation, including building armatures and sets, all using apps widely available on smart devices. 

STOP-MOTION MOVIE  75 minutes  *includes $25 materials fee

This 75-minute class is geared towards kids who have completed the animation overview class and are ready to try their hand at making a full movie.  Kids passionate about stop motion who have worked on projects on their own may also be a good fit. Using the character they created in animation class (or another character(s) they dream up) they will craft a short script, build a set, animate their film, and add music, voiceover and fx to complete a movie for our schoolwide screening.


This two hour class develops both performance and filmmaking skills through games and exercises. In the first hour, we explore the basics of acting, touching on different methodologies for approaching scene work, and learning the basics of improv. In the second hour our exercises turn to visual storytelling. using ipads, we learn how to compose shots, brainstorm stories, work as a team to shoot scenes and edit them into short films. The kids will act in each other's films, connecting what happens in the performance part of the workshop to their work behind the lens. Taught by professional actors and filmmakers, this workshop will give the student a great taste of both disciplines in only 6 weeks.

ADULT ACTING CLASS/WORKOUT  8-week class  (by interview/audition)

Whether you're a working pro looking to stay in shape or a newer actor just learning the ropes, this class will challenge you to do honest, personal work grounded in strong text analysis. This 2 1/2 hour class is primarily devoted to scene study, but will also include warmups, exercises, and other acting tools.  We work on scenes from great plays, screenplays and tv pilots in a wide range of genres, as well as tv/film projects currently casting.

All of our classes are held at Twinkle Toes Dance Studio

located at 5917 N. Figueroa Street in Highland Park.  

You can learn more about the wonderful dance classes offered at Twinkle Toes here.

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