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During the Fall 2018 session, our Advanced Filmmakers filmed and edited a short documentary focusing on the mission of Eastside Arts and how we try to achieve it through our classes. It features interviews with Elise & Kathryn, as well as others teachers, students and parents.

Check it out!

Elise Robertson
A graduate of Northwestern University, I'm a working actor and filmmaker with scores of tv and film credits, including 2014 Oscar nominee American Sniper, and recently NCIS, This Is Us, SWAT, Ratched and more. I direct for both film and stage (Northern California Emmy and CINE-golden Eagle award-winner), spent two years directing the children's television show Adventures With Kanga Roddy, and have recently completed the short film Darling, Darling, Wendy currently making the film festival rounds.  I've been teaching and coaching acting and filmmaking for over 15 years, and chair the Young Performers Training Program at the Los Angeles SAG Conservatory. I am passionate about working with kids, and view the teaching of listening, speaking, imagination and teamwork skills as an important part of every class.
Graham Drake-Maurer

After graduating from Ithaca College with a BFA in Acting, I moved to LA to continue my career as a professional actor. I have appeared in independent shorts, feature films, BuzzFeed videos and web series, and as background in the second season of “Glow”.  At Eastside Arts, I have taught an introductory Theater Games class for 4-6 year olds for the past several years, where we explore the basics of performing: telling a story, working as an ensemble to create a performance, and lots and lots of imagination games! I am excited to head Improv and Acting 1 this year, and look forward to helping the students learn the entire process of rehearsing and performing a show. I remember how important being a part of acting companies was to my education as a performer, and can’t wait to inspire a new generation of actors, singers and dancers. 

Katelyn Newham

Katelyn Newham was born and raised on the beautiful Gold Coast, Australia, where she trained in every style of dance as well as Music, Drama and Singing. After completing Diplomas in Musical Theatre, Commercial Dance and Dance Teaching, she then went onto complete many professional Dance Contracts around the word for companies such as ‘Norwegian Cruise Line’ and ‘Warner Brother’s’. Over the past 8 years Katelyn has travelled around the world as a Professional Dancer and Choreographer and has performed in countries such as India, China, USA, The Bahamas and Australia and has danced on TV shows such as ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, and ‘Australia’s Got Talent’. In between performing and travelling the world Katelyn has found a passion for Dance Teaching and has taught all over Australia as well at the US winning numerous choreography awards! This soon led to many Dance Judging opportunities for Local and National Dance Competitions for elite and pre-professional dancers all over Australia and now the US.

Katelyn has recently moved over from Australia to the USA (based in Los Angeles) to continue to peruse her professional Dance, Choreography and Teaching career and currently performs for some of LA’s top Entertainment Companies.

Mina Bloom

Mina Bloom is a recent graduate of UCLA's Theatre Film and Television Program with a focus on music directing and composing. Her mini musicals have been featured competitions such as "Showsearch" through the Foundation of New American Musicals and the Boston Theatre Marathon. She founded her own theatre company at UCLA and works as an accompanist for equity houses and local talent around LA. She loves working with rising stars and has taught music in the SoCal area since her high school days. She also works in musical theatre with autistic children with the Miracle Project based out of Culver City.

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Jade Sealey

I'm a member of the New American Studio Ensemble and a veteran of the Groundlings improv program. Film/TV credits include: “Chasing Eagle Rock,” “How to Cheat,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” “Saturday Night Live,” “Bridesmaid #3,” “The Hunger Artist,” “ Cul De Sac” and “Fool's Paradise.”  With NAT: Macbeth Revisited. The Number, Julius Caesar, Christina Woodman in the world premiere play Bedfellows, Baltimore in Sister Cities (Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Circus Theatricals), Jane in Mooney’s Kid Don’t Cry, Crystal Allen in The Women, Shannon Gosling in Safe, Viola in Twelfth Night, Marian in The Heiress, Genevieve in Weedwacker, Iphigenia in Iphigenia , Debby in Deconstructing the Torah. Other theatre: Janna in Blind Spots, Ruthie in Tsuris (Sidewalk Studio Theatre), Portia in The Author's Voice and Constanze in Amadeus(Steve Dobuzyinski Theatre). I love teaching improv to both kids and adults! 

Kathryn Winslow

I'm a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in NYC, and have been a professional actor for over 25 years in both film/TV and theatre.  As a coach, I have taught at the California School of the Arts and at the SAG Conservatory, as well as privately. As an actor, I have more recently starred in Criminal Minds, The Fosters, Jane The Virgin, Parenthood and on BET’s Single Ladies and The Quad.  I'm a mom to two awesome girls and love providing a safe and fun environment for kids to learn and grow.  As a coach for the past decade, my passion is teaching life skills through play. Perseverance, resilience, confidence, communication, empathy - these skills can be taught and result in healthy, happy kids.